About us

We are a small British team based in Thailand, and we are independent specialists in dive trip bookings as well as website design, building, and support. Working on commission from dive bookings, we are obviously keen on your business. The upshot of this is that we are extremely efficient and diligent in communications both with potential customers and the dive centres whose boats we offer. Our independence from any particular dive centre allows us to give unbiased advice and information in order to best benefit each diving customer. Although each dive centre is likely to know their own boats and schedules a little better than we do, they are obviously keen on getting customers for their boats, rather than give the customer every piece of pertinent information to book the best dive package to suit their needs. Prices when booking through us are no more expensive than booking directly or with any other agent. Although some other agents and their websites have applications to immediately book a dive trip, be it a liveaboard cruise or day trip, there is always the possibility that the dive centre have not updated their website or system. We take booking enquiries and then personally call the relevant dive centre to confirm availability before taking any deposits.

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