HUGE Discounts On One Of Our Favourite Boats

lapat-similan-liveaboard-discountThe best time of year to dive at The Similan Islands in Thailand is usually the second half of April. Why? Because there are great diving conditions, more chance of seeing something large & special in the water, and fewer other divers & boats in the water. When you throw in a 30%discount and free diving equipment, it’s impossible to say no!

GREAT CONDITIONS The Indian monsoon brings high waves and poor weather from mid-May each year, but just before that the sea & weather conditions are perfect for scuba diving off of Thailand’s west coast. Apart from the occasional afternoon shower, it really is the perfect time to dive at the Similan & Surin Islands. We only & always send our team diving at The Similans at this time of year.
BIG FISH Although the reasons why are debatable, the evidence is clear that large species such as Manta Rays & Whale Sharks are seen more during the final 2-3 months of the diving season. We believe it’s mainly due to there being fewer people and boats in the water at this time of year.
FEWER PEOPLE From the second half of April every year, there are not as many scuba divers and snorkellers visiting the Similan Islands. This is mainly due to most day trip boats running fewer times per week or stopping altogether. In addition, the liveaboard boats are not usually full, either.
So, with a HUGE DISCOUNT, free dive gear and the sea & weather conditions being ideal, it’s perfect! We have had a late cancellation for MV Lapat’s April 18th-22nd trip, so we’re offering this incredible promotion. The final spaces are in Lapat’s twin cabins, which have individually-controlled air conditioning and sea-view windows. We love this boat so much that we dived on it ourselves just a few weeks ago and we filled it up with 16 happy young Swedish divers for April 8th-12th 2018.
The boat sails from Khao Lak in the evening of April 18th, but divers in Phuket can be picked up that afternoon. Fourteen dives and at least one beach visit during the cruise means everyone is guaranteed a wonderful experience. The boat has plenty of space indoors and out, and the food is locally famous for its taste and quantity!
If you’re quick, you can enjoy this special deal on a special boat, run by the team who we send more divers to than anyone else!

Contact us today for the latest availability and pricing for Lapat liveaboard. Email or call or send a message on social media.


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