Phuket or Khao Lak – What is the difference?

Phuket-vs-khaolak-which-is-best (1)

If you have booked a liveaboard diving trip in Thailand then you will more than likely be going the the Similan Islands and will probably have to choose where to stay before and after your trip. The two main place to stay are Phuket and Khao Lak.  Phuket is the most famous of the two but may have some disadvantages compared to Khao Lak that you might not expect. One of them is the travel times to and from the airport, although Khao Lak is further away than some of the famous areas in Phuket it can be quicker to get to the airport due to heavy traffic. Phuket has a lot more things going on compared to Khao Lak which may suit some people.

Most liveaboard diving trips depart Tab Lamu Pier in Khao Lak.

To fin out more about Phuket vs Khao Lak click the link

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